Cuts/Open Wounds

^ This open knee wound was made with latex and tissue paper, layering two thin strips of tissue in-between layers of latex. I cut an open strip through the middle, leaving the edges still attached. I then painted the inside and surrounding areas red and dark red (for shadows), followed by liquid blood and clotted blood that I placed directly into the wound to make it look more realistic. To add more effects, I spread some of the blood on the outer areas of the wound with a disposable mascara wand to make it look more scratched, and smeared some blood further up the knee with a piece of tissue.


This is a bullet wound to the head. I made this look with liquid latex, a red grease paint and clotted blood. I layered tissue on top of latex and allowed it to dry then applied a matching foundation to blend it in with the skin. I cut a hole into the middle of the latex and then painted the inside with the red grease paint. Lastly, I smothered dark red clotted blood into the wound to make it look fresh and raw. I made the wound drip so it looked like an instant, fatal injury.

This is an open , split cut. It was made from liquid latex again. I used the same method as the cut above, however I used more runny, thin blood to add more of a wet, explosive effect. I also applied dark red grease paints around the right eye to act as a black eye, as the cut is close to the eye which would affect that sensitive area.


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