Chelsea Smile:)…

This is my first attempt at doing a Chelsea smile special effect. I began sketching out the smile with a red eyeshadow then applying a layer of latex around the guidelines. I then added pieces of cotton wool from a cotton pad on top of the layer of latex and then secured that with another layer of latex. I did this a few times until I was satisfied. Once I allowed the latex to dry, I blended it into my skin using a skin colour and then began to go in with my Mehron colour wheel and add lighter reds to the centre of the mouth and darker reds around the edges to create depth and shadows. Then came the fun part… blood. I used a thin watery blood and smothered it all over my mouth. Didn’t taste great:/ haha, anyway I was happy with how it came out considering that was my first attempt. However next time I would either use tissue or stick with normal latex and build it up. I wasn’t a big fan of the cotton wool because it kept clumping together and it was a bit fiddly, therefore I will experiment with a different method next time.


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