Old Age Makeup

This was actually a really funny special effect to do haha! I used a reference picture to guide myself on the basic structure of the wrinkles/sagging on the face, and followed the natural creases on my face to add my own details. I used cool tone brown shades with an angled brush to sketch out the wrinkles and blended any harsh lines. Once I mapped out the details, I used a matte whitish shade to highlight any shadows which adds structure and definition, then continued to blend any vivd lines/patches. I also focused pinky/orange tones on the inner corners of the eye up to the brow bone to add different pigmentation of the skin. I then followed this by adding a darker plum shade at top of the nose to give more dimension and to create more shadows which adds to the ageing effect. To complete my old aged look, I applied the white eyeshadow over my eyebrows, eyelashes and my lips to accentuate the aged look, followed by a faint dark red lip stain in the centre of the lip.



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