Mermaid Cut

I got inspired by this fantasy, halloween look from a video on Youtube. I thought it was really creative and different so I gave it a go as it wasn’t too advanced. I marked out two large circles with a light eyeshadow and then applied 3 layers of latex around the marked areas. Once that had dried, I used a sculpting tool to peel back and lift up the inner edges of the latex so it would look like cut skin. Once I had achieved this, I went in with paints. I used a teal blue to mark out the shape of the scales, I did this by looking at a reference picture. Once I had finished the base, I then painted the scales with different shades of blue and adding shadows and highlights by using black and white. To add a shimmer, i used a gold metallic paint on top of a few scales. Onto the gore, I used runny blood and placed that underneath the pealed skin, then finished off the look with clotted blood around some of the deeper areas. This special effect was very time consuming but very fun to do:)



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