My name is Erin Hobbs and I’m 17 years old. I live in Surrey, UK, and have a love for special effects makeup. I firstly got into special effects around halloween time when I was younger, by experimenting with eye contacts, blood and using pva glue as a cheap alternative to latex. I’ve recently started to invest in professional products and continue to do special effects. I get inspired from photos I see on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I also watch special effects Youtubers, such as GlamandGore, Ellimacs sfx, and Jordan Hanz.

I have a admiration for film making, set and costume design, and editing.I love to include special effects in my film work. I’ve made a horror trailer and a thriller sequence where I’ve presented sfx and set/costume design. I plan on making more short films and continuing to advance my skills in special effects make up by investing in more products such as scar wax, gelatine and more paints/blood.